by The Rear Admirals

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released July 11, 2013

Music and lyrics by Alexander Gates and Samuel Rogerson.
Recorded on 'Multi-Track Sound Recorder' app.
Edited on Audacity.



all rights reserved


The Rear Admirals Melbourne, Australia

one day Alexander Gates and Samuel Rogerson hi-fived and accidentally created the world's greatest two-piece pumping out fresh jams to jack up yer kilt.

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Track Name: Date Night
My parents are out on a date, they're smoking cigarettes
I don't blame them, because I know life can be hard
Home alone, I sit down in the kitchen chair
Writing a stumbling verse on my new guitar

Oh these days, they never really felt the same
Since you left us, everything has changed.
Oh these days, they never really felt the same
Since you left us, everything has changed.

In the spa again, the water's turning cold (la la la la)
I've never listened to Sgt Pepper's and I've never felt so old (la la la la)
Check my phone, there's a message--it's from you
And I'm so scared but you know what to do, you know what to do.
Track Name: City Vixen
My dollybird waiting for a train
No other girl could make me feel this way
Well I'm in love but there's complications
I gave her my heart when I saw her at the railway station
Now she's giving me palpitations.

This city vixen kills with a smile
I won't dare look her way for a while
Coz she makes me weak looking at those ruby-red lips
Just imagine what she could do with a kiss
Well I'm ever the optimist.

Says she has a man, I'm not surprised
But when I see that glimmer in her eyes
I know I'm waiting til the end of time.

My fallen angel crying in the rain
No boy who loves you would leave you in this state
Well I'm not a complicated guy
But if you need someone to be lonely with tonight
I think I'll do just fine.
Track Name: You Haven't Seen Me Attack
You think you can kill me
Well I've been dead before
And I don't think I've taken a breath since you walked out the door.

These days seem colder
And winter's coming soon
I assume; it's so hard to tell when you never leave your room.

You haven't seen me attack yet (fuck it)
You must be one of the lucky ones
I'm paranoid you have destroyed everything I love.

I'm gonna burn your house down
I'm gonna call it poetic justice
You lit up all my darkest days so I lit up all your clothes...

I know nothing's been forgotten and you're not forgiven
If I see your boyfriend around I'm gonna kill him.

I don't give a fuck now
I've seen everything
If you think I'm bad at talking it out you should listen to me sing.

My band's gonna be famous
We're gonna write songs about you
But nobody will like them, nobody will like them anytime soon.
Track Name: Swan Downstream
Have you ever rode a swan downstream?
And when you dream of me;
Am I dead, or do I breathe?
Because you ripped that heart right out of my chest.

And I can't help but confess:
It was all probably for the best.
And I just wrote to you to say;
'I think about you every day.'
And I can't help but confess.
Track Name: Kitchen Sink
Sometimes I lay awake and think
I should drown myself in a kitchen sink
But I think that's probably a bad idea
I could just float there for like a year.

I don't know how to tie a noose
I tried to hang myself but I just came loose
I'm sure that there are lots of other ways
I could stick my head in a motherfucking microwave (2, 3, 4).

Maybe there's still hope for me
Just went and checked my mailbox
I got a postcard from my family
They said 'We're missing you a lot'.

And they said 'Hey, son, I hope you're doing well
"It's really great here, it's really swell.
"We're having lots of fun and if you can't tell;
"You're an ungrateful son-of-a-bitch and you can go straight to hell."

Sometimes I lay awake in bed
Maybe I should take a bulldozer straight to the head
But I've said before that probably wouldn't work;
That's an awful lot of blood--this is an awfully nice shirt.

I don't have any suicide pills
I tried to drink rat poison but I just felt ill
I'm sure that I should keep it all deep inside
I'm just like Jesus but I need more than three days to rise (2, 3, 4).